Thinking about building your savings can seem overwhelming—especially if you’ve just paid your monthly bills. Taking more money out of your paycheck, even if it’s just to put into a savings account, can feel impossible. While there’s no magic solution to increasing your savings, there are several steps you can take to make the process easier (and a bit less painful). Here are my top tips for putting more money away. 


Make a Realistic Budget 

Budget-building is daunting and repetitive, but building your savings and staying consistent will require a clear plan. Try out a few budgeting apps to see what works, or opt for a standard Excel spreadsheet. Track your bills, necessities, and frivolous spending, then establish how much money you want to save every month. Start small and be realistic—even if that means saving just $50 each month.  


Try the Change Jar Method 

It sounds crazy, but the change jar method can actually help save money in the long term. At the end of every day, deposit loose change in a receptacle and watch your savings fill up. To ensure you save with this method, use cash for as much spending as possible. At the end of the day, you’ll always have something to put in the jar. 


Cut Costs Around Your Home 

Much of our income goes toward monthly living expenses. It’s not something to be ashamed of—its simply a fact of life. However, these recurring monthly expenses can add up, and cutting one or more of your services can lead to great savings. Review your monthly expenses and see where you can trim cost. Cut your cable bill and opt for a subscription service instead. Downgrade your Internet if you don’t use it that much. Enroll in energy-saving programs from your electricity provider. 


Set Up Automatic Transfer 

Out of sight, out of mind. Ask your bank how to set up an automatic transfer to your savings account. Allocate a certain percentage of each paycheck to be automatically placed into savings. This is an easy and low-stress way to build your savings account.