Ironically to obtain a credit score from most leading credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax or Trans Union online, a credit card is required to order the report.

There are alternatives however and it is possible to find out a credit score without a credit card.

Firstly free information can be found locally by using credit agencies such as These provide free credit reports, however an actual credit score is often not included with free credit report websites.

Secondly, a payment method other than a credit card can be used at all of the major credit bureaus such as a money order, check and in some instances debit card or direct bank account payments. This will entitle a borrower full information regarding their credit situation such as credit history and an exact credit score, however due to the method of payment, it can be a delayed process.

Lastly, there are many websites which give an estimate on a person’s credit score based upon a series of questions related to their current circumstances and credit history. The results may also include information relating to local credit searches in order for the user to see how their credit rates among similar citizens locally. The downside of such websites is that the score is nowhere near exact as it is a simple estimation from a small amount of data that is collected. While the credit scores from such websites are from less complex algorithms than those of the main credit agencies, the results can be useful if a very fast result is required. They are near as instant as gaining a credit score can possibly be and it is an easy method to obtain a credit score without the need of a credit card. The estimation given, however, may be anywhere within a hundred point radius, for example between 520 and 620.