The Average Joe out on the street wants to invest his money in something that generates a reasonable return for him while letting him sleep easy at night. It is often easier said than done as so many investments available today don’t cut the standard either way. Investment-grade corporate bonds are one example of something that may be able to break through the glass and actually reach both objectives for an investor.  
Federal bonds used to be a great way to get a nice return without too much risk, but lately the market has pushed yields on these fair too low to make them worthwhile for most people. Corporate bonds still provide a decent yield in some circumstances. That can satisfy the need for a return on capital, but what will provide for the safety of that money? The answer is investment-grade corporate bonds.  
The term “investment-grade” in this case means that these bonds have been received by credit agencies and analysts and determined to be worthwhile of one’s investment. That is to say that their probability of default is below a certain threshold that makes them attractive. Not every single bond available in the world meets that description, but those rated investment grade have.  
These bonds are typically issued from public companies that are relatively well-known and consistently producing profits. That means that they are likely to continue to pay the yields that they have for some time, and they stand a good chance of making it through whatever storm could come their way. They make for a great investment for many, and they still provide some very solid returns in turbulent times.