It’s seemingly never long enough before the full weight and responsibility of adulthood hits you. Several years of student loans may have carried you through college and while (hopefully) it’s paid off with gainful employment after graduation, there’s still the ins and outs of managing your student loan debt. Or maybe you took a different path and the financial waters of your adult life starts with creating a business plan, securing a small business loan, finding an accountant, and choosing payroll software solutions.


The financial waters only rise more quickly after that. There’s financial planning for your wedding and the cost of a new baby. There’s saving for early retirement savings and a down payment on a house. There’s qualifying for and choosing a home mortgage. There’s life insurance and estate planning.


Finding and Refining Your Stroke

This is often a time in which, despite being at or near your peak earning potential, it still feels like you’re just trying to keep up. Now, if I can take the metaphor on to dry land, it’s a marathon not a sprint. You can’t save for an entire life in a single day, week, or month. Nevertheless, this is where you put your childhood beliefs and early adult practices into their greatest use. You learn how to plan for the future, while simultaneously remembering to appreciate the current moments for their fleeting, if immeasurable, value. When your finances are a clear creek, you can see more than just numbers in the water.